Who are we in the face of saving money , the world, reusing,recycling and so forth…..Now this what about

So in the face of recycling and reuse of items in you house ,remember to be aware of the other members in your home. We need to make changes slowly when doing these things. Don’t just bring home whole new menu based on tofu or start to remove all the favorite things in the house such as deodorant , toothpaste, and shampoos with out discussing these changes with your family.. This is a lifestyle that needs to be moved into slowly and with gratitude  for what we already have and what we are about to have next as well. Love and respect for others feelings and thoughts are really key here to make a change as a family. It can be done but needs to be discussed . Each family member has a right to their opinion and they need to be heard. So love and blessing to all of you who want change. Start with you first one step at a time. How do you end up being someone you want to be. Hang out with those kinds of people and follow their lead, eventually you will see that you are like them as well. That comes from a great acquaintance from some years ago,when I asked him how can I be like you? That above statement is what he told me. Now I am my own version of who he was with me added in and wow, I love me… and you will love you too!!!!!!!!!!!

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