Mmmmmm…how about ho-made applesauce?

We have been making applesauce this past weekend. It is a rich rosy color and thick texture. Surely this is not even close the the varieties you get at the supermarket by far. Most are yellow in color and if they do turn out to be a pink color ,well I bet you would find out by the label. (red dye?) Well anyways not only is this an easy do and fun, but also a great money saving thing to do for your family. We bought at the end of this season directly from the farmers who grew  the apples. Since we got them so late in the season they were on sale two bags for the price of one. Still in excellent shape and delicious, wow what a deal. Our 14 dollars spent made 13 quarts of applesauce. You do the math and see what happens. We eat it in place of fresh fruit ,especially when there is non available here in Wisconsin in the winter. It is a great replacement for oils and fats when you bake. Especially gluten free baking as it makes the products way less crumbly. I put my applesauce on top of ice cream(not the real stuff silly , I am allergic ). I could go on and on raving about how good it is, but besides that point. How about this. They sold the apples to me I wash them and can the sauce , when I am done with eating the sauce the only remaining waste is the lid on the canning jar which by the way( if washed )can be recycled. This overall is enough incentive for me to do even more canning next year and the year after that too! how about yputting the applesauce in jars which we use year after year

putting the applesauce in jars which we use year after year


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