Cooking and shopping once and eating many meals with ease!

This is  how I am teaching  my daughter to cook food for herself and her honey. I call it cook once and eat twice or even more, with just a little preparation. Since my daughter likes Mexican food as does her honey we started there. This is a  go to idea that can make life easier.It  might only start with a can beans or in some cases a pound or two of hamburger. In my household we eat vegan and gluten free, but most homes don’t choose that lifestyle. I figure learning that cooking can be easy and fun is a more important way to start feeding yourself and saving money in the process. We went through the pantry to see what might be already in there. Then we made a grocery list to see if shopping once and cooking twice might feed them for most of the week. We purchased ground beef(2 lbs.),mushrooms,taco shells, and cheese, In her pantry she already had her taco seasoning blend and salsa, and hamburger  buns. We bought the hamburger which was on sale of course,and mushrooms too. Taco shells well they are cheap to begin with, right?  Her honey doesn’t like onions on things so we  used  mushrooms instead. So here goes with what we did.

Our cooking day , with my idea of cooking once and eating twice or more;

1.Tacos,  ground beef seasoned with taco mix(we cooked a full pound of meat and seasoned it with the taco mix and froze all but one of  the other containers for  another meal), avocados and soft taco shells,cheese and salsa

2.hamburgers  -we made 1/3 of the pound of hamburger into 3 patties and refrigerated them for the following days dinner. Another 1/3 pound was made into 3 more burgers and froze for another meal and the last 1/3 pound of ground beef was cooked with some mushrooms and then frozen in a container for a casserole later during the week.(a rice cooker one pot meal )

3.We sauteed all of the mushrooms so they would be ready to use for her next meal,say burgers with mushrooms,cheese on buns and raw veggies and dip that was already in the refrigerator. Those mushrooms could be used on a frozen pizza too! 

4.The third meal was quesedillas made with the other container of taco meat ,cheese , browned in a pan and served with salsa.

So with just a  little time in the kitchen and using some packaged seasoning you can make a whole menu for your whole cooking week in a short time. Before you know it with some planning ahead you have become a proficient cook and feeding yourself and your family too. Who knew? We haven’t begun to cook yet have we my daughter? What journey’s with food are next for you?



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