Tid Bits from Dr. Jay’s

As always , I am looking for more ways to eat healthy ,give and get advice on  how to do that , and share with all of you how to make this happen in an easy manner. I am still a natural tightwad by nature so I look to our local library for ideas. Honey always says, (“We own millions of books, so many that we store them down the street”) That of course being our local library . My latest find is in the Dr. Jay’s notes in a book called “Mayim;s Vegan Table” 

Nice book I got from our local library

Nice book I got from our local library

She  is the gal on TV in the show”The Big Bang Theory” well none of that matters I guess , but what is found within her book does matter. She has lovely recipes and today I thought I would share with all of you some of the tips from Dr. Jay Gordon who co-authored this book with her. He did some college here in Wisconsin and comments that our movie theaters serve deep fried cheese curds. Who knew? Just saying here in Wisconsin as a Vegan we have some serious work cut out for us.  These  tid bits I picked out that might help you the most. I will give you the cliff notes version.Thanks as always for listening … Karen So here’s the first one I thought you might like put into my words with Dr. Jay’s

If you make a plan, eating plant based does not have to be expensive .Choose to buy organic, and yes I know that is more costly , but he explains later. Do the research on which foods are a must to buy organic. (I have a chart on another post clean 15 dirty dozen) If you think eating organic is expensive try pricing poor health and illness, most staples of plant based families consist of bulk items such as beans,grains, quiona and rice. We choose to save our dollars for the organic items and specialty items. that cost more than the meat based alternatives. With an eye towards our choices that affect the world we choose natural products to clean our homes,laundry,dishes and bodies. Most of these can be made ourselves with only a few cheap ingredients. We mostly use reusable products such as rags and cloth napkins instead of paper towels , those kinds of things. We buy gently used products as well,  There are no rights or wrongs of doing this , but eating healthy on a budget can be done.

The problem with pesticides,is that children pound for pound eat more apple slices and blueberries than adults do. This means that if  a safe amount of pesticides has been deemed safe for a 150 pound adult,it probably isn’t safe for a 35 pound child. Kids will sit and eat a whole pint of say blueberries at one time. , they’re ingesting pound for pound more poison in their food during the years when they have the least resistance. Scary isn’t it?


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