Yard work abounds , like always and just maybe not so much either?

just one part of my garden

It seems that the waiting for spring to arrive was so very long, but then I got used to winter and thought gee this is great I have more time to finish my indoor projects I avoided like the plague all winter. So when finally the nice weather hit of course I was so not ready to leave the confines of your home and to them move into our outdoor rooms ,which are my yard. We have an easy yard to care for in some ways and others not. We have built structures which I love but then impede the ability to have equipment or large items to get into our home. But back to my story. We have taken up all of our yard(grass) and did plants of perennials . It is all fine and dandy , with no lawn to cut but we do at least every two years have to have a load or two of mulch come and we spread it over our whole yard to keep the weeds down. This works really well by the way and if you have a big problem with a certain weed cardboard and newspapers work well by putting them under the mulch and wetting them down before covering them with mulch. Our intent is to grow vegetables and flowers  together to make a beautiful space and productive too. They have done that in back yards in Seattle to help food budgets and to be another source for local sustainable food. Maybe this year you just might try your hand at gardening , you just might be impressed by the results. Not everyone has to tear up the lawn to on but some of the lawn could go and you wouldn’t have to spend so much time cutting grass once a week.

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Any thoughts?