It is yet another year Whoo whoooo!!!What’s in it for you?

It is now 2015, colder than I remember it being last year and I seem to be stuck to my couch! All this and more just seem to be a real problem for me and the world in general it seems. Right now I guess(even though I love winter)I want change and don’t know what that change is for my life….I copy down new recipes and of course never make them… I know I should get back to the gym( really??? it’s too cold)and geez it’s 2015 now! What do I want for this year?  I could say World Peace, putting an end to world hunger, providing a safe clean place for all of us to live,more of the like. But what is it that Karen   really wants? outside is good anytime of year

Let;s look at the basics, food clothing and shelter. Well of course! Then once those needs are met more wants or desires come in to play. They are then desires not needs.

If like me your basic needs are met, then what are some of your needs for  2015? Get a pen and see what happens. This is my ideas and you can see if some of them resonate with you as well. So Happy New Start for 2015 you have at least over 350 days left to make some nice shifts in your life .I’m gonna go for it! how about you?

So my desires are these, and of course they will change through the whole year, and right now today is a good time to start. 

connect every day with myself/yourself : example meditation, or simply breathing in  and out till I notice that I/you are breathing in and out

do some movement such as yoga,or rolling around on the floor like  a child (because hey they can do all movements and we should be able to as well)

take time to write in my/your gratitude journal everyday

get outside walk , ride a bike, or an activityI/ you like to do. Some cardio

read one thing daily even if it is just a poem to learn something new or to have an enlightening experience

do some work you enjoy, if not your regular job than a project you are working on that you really love

take time to make and eat real food , by that I mean something that is not pre-packaged, in a box or jar , or a frozen boxed meal. This might mean a stroll through the produce  department. Commit  to   cooking at least one time during the week and make a meal that will feed you more than  once(such as a pot of soup or stew)

read to your children , grandchildren or just  yourself  a book that makes you feel good  inside and out

drink some water and be grateful to have a clean water source so that we can clean our insides out and nourish our cells with it 

compliment someone and remember to compliment yourself too! you deserve it

leave each room as if God/the Divine being that is would be the next to enter (wait till you see what happens with this one!)

I hope this is something that pushes you along this journey into 2015 ENJOY!!

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Any thoughts?