Updated-Here is a new book that you definitely should check out! “The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up”

just an update here on the de-cluttering process. We were on a vacation ,in a store. The clerk asked if she could help me and I answered no I am just browsing , I really don’t have that many clothes. The sales lady went into it about the book I speak of here and how she purged so many things that now she actually misses her stuff. She said she is going to get rid of the book… I said it still might help someone else and that she might share it. She agreed. I think having beauty and special things that you love and are meaningful to you are wonderful and make you feel good. I do still believe that less is more and certainly for me it is easier to keep my home clean when there is not so much furniture, knick knacks or an over abundance of any one item. How many pairs of pants do you wear at a time. Yes the answer still is one.

Things always come to me when I need them the most. A very kind soul told me of this book that is  really popular right now, and how she wanted to get it from our library. Well our library is the best in my opinion , but she said there were 73 holds on this book.. wow , it really must be that good. So a week or so later , she (kind soul) came by and said I couldn’t wait , I got the book read it shared it with another and now am sharing it with you. All is well and good with all of this until I started to read the book. The title is ” the life-changing magic of tidying up  the Japanese art of decluttering  and organizing  author Marie Kondo.  I have always had a bit of a problem with clutter , piles of stuff and basically a problem with where am I going to put this…? and what about this pile …. where can I store this? Well this book is amazing. It puts everything into perspective, you touch and really look at each item in your home, then deciding if it brings you joy  or not. Then can it be donated, trash or keep. You start with clothing which is also broken up into different categories such as tops/shirts and then working your way through all of your clothing in the house. The categories go on until the last which are ones with a memory attached. (I have not gotten there yet…)  People who have told me about this book  are right , it is life changing. In some areas of my home if someone didn’t stop me everything would go. I have removed so much from my home already,  it took only a short time to do it and afterwards I felt so much better. I can see with this method that it will work and require so much less of an effort to keep my areas of the home neat. So if you get the chance , try the book out , see what happens to you. Just a key item to share here. The author says that making the decision to keep, save, toss over and over builds your confidence in any thing you do. I see that to be true and I am not even finished . Who doesn’t need more confidence right?

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