where does our food come from ? Do you know?

You know it seems the best laid plans every year  , even every day just go by the wayside when too much comes our way. We have time come the winter(at least here in the cold state of Wisconsin) to read rest and catch up on things that usually fall by the wayside during the summer months . House work and organizing things that just got flung on a pile when time was not available to us. You see during the summer one of our favorite farmers grows our food that we put away for  the winter months.  So when he pulls up with his truck with crates of fresh food for us to process life goes into high gear.  We move as fast as possible to put that our plethora of food into jars, freeze ,dry  or pickle to provide us with our winter staples. Lucky for us it seems to start slowly and gain momentum as the season continues. Because of this we can ease into the flow of more and more till tomato season hits. For  weeks then it is all or nothing because they spoil so fast if not used right away. So this is my summer season. Looking back to our ancestors they had a lot of the same activities going on. Preparing for the long winter ahead so they wouldn’t starve. They also had to grow their own gardens so actually I have it made when I think of that, all I have to do is the processing work. How different this lifestyle is from most of the people around us who think we are nuts when all we have to do is go and pick up our food at the local grocer. Yes we could of course and most if not all of us do. But I do believe that eating with the seasons, ? Like Cuba years back they had to make their food choices right away so as to not starve . We certainly now more than ever need to know our food system and how it works, what is in our food and more . The documentary called Food Choices ,which is on net flicks  is a great place to start Let me know….just one part of my garden

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