Do we really need to shop so much? Can’t we just have Gratitude?

another thanksgiving day has passed us by. Are we once again being grateful for all that we have been given throughout this year of 2016?  Are we already looking at the clock so we can leave the turkey leftovers behind and get to the real deals of thanksgiving , shopping!  After a really nice visit with our family and some great food we headed home. On the way we passed some major shopping areas along the highway. I noticed that not unlike the years before ,that the parking lots were jammed to the limit with cars , walking shoppers and more cars on the roads trying to get in to` park. What makes me think differently than others about this love of shopping that people  seem to enjoy ? All I can think about when I hear the word shopping is this. Now how much is this going to cost me, how much time will this take, can’t we make do with what we have? and please don’t make me go to the store!  Even the grocery shopping is a chore to be done, costly and time consuming and of course you still have to make meals out of what you bring home. Is there a way to love what you already have? Be happy with what you have ?  “Gratitude means, what you have IS enough”

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Any thoughts?