If I get rid of something do I have to replace it? Do you?

It’s just so interesting to me …    We finally gave up the good old and mighty big sectional couch that occupied our living room. The concept of this kind of couch was good when I first bought the piece in 2003. We used it to seat people for classes, family and friends for large gatherings and more.  One day  half way through 2016 I found I didn’t even have a place to do yoga in my own living room.  It seems over time we had not only accumulated a couch but things that go with it. first it was a lamp, then end tables , coffee table, library table, cabinetry for our stereo and more. So things had to change. We first found a chair that would fit honey and then  donated our large sectional to my daughter who had always loved the couch and had the space for it. Then we moved a chair from our TV area or den into our living room for me to sit in. Then we started the hunt for the perfect couch that would fit our needs. I am not a shopper in the least, and  this was exhausting. We have been to numerous thrift stores, estate sales, furniture stores too many to count. Today after one more estate sale we have decided that just maybe the space in our home is exactly as it is supposed to be,  filled with two comfortable chairs and a place for us to put our feet up.  Space to do my yoga or sit on the floor or just to be able to walk in our room easily to get from place to place. Life is funny that way, you start out needing so much and end your life by needing absolutely nothing. Maybe after all less IS/ so much more…..

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Any thoughts?