Plan what you are going to eat for the coming week. It will save you time and money too!

Today is Sunday and I have to get this plan a going or we certainly won’t eat this week at least no easily.It could require a carry out or long and tedious evening hours spent after an already long day of work. This seems to happen to me more often than not. I did mention that I am one of those who likes to ask her husband before he has even had a cup of coffee what it is that he might like to have for dinner that evening. Not a good choice. Best time to make this plan is certainly when you are not tired or hungry.
Today is the start. Yesterday I made a plan for what we were having for dinner on Sunday as I had plans to be gone that day and wanted to be prepared. So into my instant pot went black beans chipotle style, kale, ,mushrooms and onions , with Mexican seasonings and later a pot of rice. Monday became in an instant cabbage,carrots, mushrooms, onions,broccoli with seasonings,edamame and roasted potatoes. Honey is cooking tomorrow which is Thursday. He decided on Sunday what he wanted, which was Pad Thai for Thursday night. Friday might end up being a smorgasbord of what has to go of the leftovers in our refrigerator. That does sometimes also mean that the original dish becomes new. Lets say rice and beans is good but later would become a stuffed burrito with rice and beans , guacamole etc. Saturday we have plans which include eating out with some friends, so this week sure as heck went fast and I didn’t even notice except to say this. If you have a plan,rather than guessing what might happen at 5 pm and you, your children,and spouse are all clamoring for your attention and food. If you haven’t got a clue, the fast food guru’s will have their hand on you and take your hard earned money away from you. Don’t forget to look what is in your refrigerator , freezers and cupboards when you make your menu. Remember to use up what would otherwise go into the garbage. What you throw away you still originally paid for when it was new. Using what is on hand will also save you money and time that you would otherwise spend at the grocery store A menu for the week helps to save time and money too 001

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