Just eat it! Yet another note worthy Documentary

Tonight we watched a DVD rented from the library called “JUST EAT IT” The video was about how wasteful America is with food. The documentary showed how much of our food never gets eaten. Created then thrown into a dumpster or the garbage can or down the garbage disposal. The people in the film found dumpsters full of so many different foods perfectly good still in their original containers, unopened in the trash. We don’t know the reason for this waste but those foods could be feeding people. Another point they made was the amount of water it takes to raise just one cow. A single hamburger patty out of the all of the meat that comes from one cow, and yet this single burger represents a 90 minute shower for us each day. The amount of water it took to raise the animal and then the number is divided lets say by how much water it took to raise one part of the animal and become a burger. If one burger takes that much water imagine how much it takes to raise the whole animal through out its lifetime till slaughter. For me I would rather have the 90 minute shower. Of course in my world I certainly wouldn’t be taking a 90 minute shower anytime soon, but you get the point It still circles back to we the people… Start there! If we would just buy only what we need for the recipes we will be using, move the food that is older in the back of the refrigerator to the front of it so it does get eaten. Label what needs to go first in your refrigerator or just have an eat today shelf. Hey I like that one! Take on your plate only what you will eat. Put your food away directly after eating and label it clearly so you know how old it is. Take your leftovers to work for lunch, freeze food if you have too much or share it with a friend or family member. Yes we all have to eat, but starting today we have knowledge to no longer be part of the problem. By eating up all the food you already have instead of buying more will also save you lots of money. That ought to perk you up. Just think about it… together we can make a difference in our world starting today with our forks! Thanks for listening Karen

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