Tid Bit what I have learned or not?

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It takes 21 days to make a habit. With that being said how long does it take to undo a habit ? Maybe that is not the correct word for it. What I mean to say is, it seems so much easier to fall off the wagon,be it a new exercise plan,eating healthy or diet change,those types of things. You do well really well for a month sometimes two. Maybe you even loose the whole 100 pounds that you wanted to. In the end alas you once again plunge back into your old ways. What is it that keeps us stuck in the ruts of life unable to move or crawl back out of them?  Here is my thoughts on this one, not the scientific version but just what seems to be true for me and for all of you too in one form or another. We are part of the tribe, you know the folks we hang with , your friends, families,our extended families ,co-workers etc. These are the people of our  tribe. The tribe creates who you are in lots of respects. Lets say my family always had a garden so naturally I do too, or Mom made chicken soup when you were sick, so you do too. Its not the garden or the chicken soup that is important here. It is the memory of what love was for you as a child . So when you reach for that comfort food, remember its the comfort you are wanting. Keeping this fact in mind might be just what you need to be able to finally not buy your favorite chips or sodas when you are the only one eating them. Recognizing the emotional ties to food may open finally the doors to the relationship you really would like to have with food. Have it your way! Just some thoughts hope you like , Comments are much loved and you are too. Karen

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