Is lettuce just good for a salad?

the other day we ate a whole head of red and green lettuce during our lunch by dipping each leave into the dressing like you would chips and dip.Yummy! The other thing we did was make our own lettuce wrappers by filling the lettuce leaves with hummus,chopped radish,sprouts,maybe even cooked vegetables too. If you want more than just lettuce we did find the ivory teff wrappers to be a great non-bread choice for these”sandwiches”. How about this make up your own new products at home . Why can’t we create some funky new ideas that they are so very willing to sell you in lots of packaging at the local grocer. For instance a breakfast burrito? That cannot be so hard to do. I can see why the breakfast McDonald’s ad sells real well for breakfast. The guy is the one supposedly figuring out what to make for the woman for breakfast. So already we women are all over that one, because normally that just  doesn’t happen. Also when he decides indeed ,not to cook he says I’m taking you to breakfast.Huh?

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Any thoughts?