How can I create a better diet for my family while living in the real world?

Slow steps to add more health to your meals. Also to save our planet from climate change (which is already here if you haven’t noticed) and the health of our animals.
A book you might want to look at is by Kathy Freston “The Lean” is the title. She has steps you can take everyday to change your diet and loose the weight you want to or just to be more healthy. Great recipes too!
Slowly cut back on your meat and dairy intake. Use some recipes you already have for meatless dinners. Bean burritos, enchiladas, tacos, vegetable soup with a good heavy bread , red beans and rice a Louisiana favorite, veggie burgers or “not dogs” on the grill with whole grain buns and a salad or coleslaw. Amy’s makes a great dairy free pizza all you have to do is bake it, vegetable lasagna, spaghetti with red sauce and lots of mushrooms.(I have to post that recipe ,it’s a good one ). These are just a few I’ve thought of off the top of my head . These transition foods are so easy you don’t even notice you are now eating without dairy and meat.

when you are adding usually chicken stock to you dish just substitute veggie broth that is one easy fix with almost no taste difference. I do have a recipe on this site for non chicken broth .

Replace one serving of  meat or chicken with these items with ease.

the same weight or amount of veggie meat, Gardein brand( gets rave reviews), tempeh but both are not not gluten free . Others to use are marinated tofu or if you find it a gluten free non-meat type product( . Mushrooms make a great meat re placer especially portabellas. They really make a great non-meat substitute for a veggie burger. Non meat crumbles,or Textured vegetable protein “TVP” on the label which you re-hydrate in boiling water. Gosh so many ideas my head is going to pop off. Remember if you eat a variety of foods with lots of colors you will never go without enough nutrition. Can this be easy? You bet!  take stock of the spices in your home and learn to use them. Do this now before we get into the no salt advice from your cardiac surgeon. Let me know what you think as always I would love to hear from you.Karen

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