So let’s say you go for the coffee fix every morning on your way to work. Can that be changed?

The post about the Kleen Canteen who sell sustainable mugs ,containers and what nots. They sell mugs that will keep your coffee hot much much longer than the Micky D’s  cup or any other to go throw away cup that end up in a landfill after one use. I believe with a little common sense and possibly a coffee drink recipe book and a few minutes a day you could make your own drinks too

I found this on the net from Marie Claire  who assured me this would be easy….

Make your own Mocha Coffee drink – I thought this might be of interest to you . Put in your own cup and away we go  in the morning.

.1. In a small bowl, combine equal parts warm water and sweetened cocoa powder.

hot butter rum cocktail in coffee cup

2. Stir until it forms a smooth syrup.

3. Pour 2 Tbsp. of the syrup into an 8 oz. cup.

4. Add a shot (1 oz.) of espresso or double-strength, dark-roasted coffee. (To brew double-strength coffee, use 4 Tbsp. of ground coffee for every 6 oz. of water.)

5. Fill the rest of your cup with steamed milk. (If you don’t have a milk steamer, heat milk on the stove to between 140 and 160 degrees.)

6. Top with whipped cream and enjoy!

Make a Starbucks Drink at Home – How to Make a Caffe Mocha – Marie Claire

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