A good idea or so I thought.. Until we tried it.. Too bad?

Dinner last night was a learning experience to say in the least. I guess I forget that using corn tortillas changes the whole ball game significantly. In years past I have gone up and down with my weight some extreme some not but anyways for awhile I joined the famous weight watchers organization. I believe to this day that they have a great value for people who need to be held accountable for their actions. This is now what I do as a life coach , hold people accountable for what they tell me they want to do ,be , have etc.  The point here is just this we got a recipe at the weight watchers class to make your own individual pizzas by using a flour tortilla and topping it with your choice of things. So make your own night. I thought wow I could use that idea for a fast convenient meal instead of going through the process of making a crust ( have to be gluten free) , and then each family member will have the chance to create their own version of pizza. Not so much. A corn tortilla is not at all the right texture for my fry pan version of pizza kind of like a quesedilla?  The tortilla was not the right texture ,filling fell out of it ,you couldn’t pick it up to eat it and it got tough too, things like that. So the pizza idea for those of you who do not have to be gluten free and can use the flour tortillas this just might be a winner. I guess I would call it a pizza quesedilla and see what you family ends up with . For those of us gluten free folks out there suggestions are welcome. Maybe those wonderful teff wraps would be a good substitution. Kind of pricey but hey so is a pizza crust  when it’s gluten free.  Let me know what you think. We used , mushrooms, onions, pesto,fresh basil , roasted tomatoes from last year in freezer , sauce and some of us real cheese and some of us diaya fake cheese. I was just glad to eat and call it a day . So in the end all were fed and that’s the whole point right. Blessings to you and yours Karen I would love comments

Ps another mistake is that these should go into the oven if you want a nicer version more like a pizza. I was trying to keep the heat out of the kitchen.

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Any thoughts?