Summer is in full swing and produce is here full tilt!!! Are you ready?

With produce season in full swing ,we had forgotten to pick up our lids and vinegar for the start of canning season this year. I sometimes forget that we don’t just start the canning process come August with the tomatoes. Since we don’t can all of what comes every year I will give you the sequence thus far. In the early spring we get our rhubarb and asparagus. The rhubarb makes (some) it to the freezer for the winter months, the asparagus not so much . We ate 21 pounds of the stuff in short order(I might have one bunch in the freezer and stems for soup) Next is the strawberries and the garlic chives. Both of which we freeze. The chives pretty much keep coming all summer. Then came the big load of peas to freeze. I guess you could can them too but we like the fresher taste of peas from the freezer and like to eat them thawed and raw during the winter months as a salad. Next came lots of greens by which I mean lettuces of all sorts,radishes,parsley,cilantro,green and yellow beans,snap peas,snow peas.We harvested tart sour cherries from our trees which by the way were loaded. Then the blueberries arrived from Michigan and we are getting raspberries too. We froze and dried some parsley,snow peas and canned dilly beans. That one is easy,straight forward and pretty. Our dilly beans Now coming is the zucchini squashes,broccoli,carrots,cucumbers some new potatoes, and a few tomatoes. The farmer said the corn should be ready by the end of the week. We are truly blessed. Our peaches and pears are yet to come as are the blackberries . Almost everything comes from right here in great Wisconsin.I am grateful ….

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