This is new to me but I thought it might be of interest to you. Or not?

One of my  friends told me her husband found this article in the paper which she then shared with me. The article claimed that you could use your regular dish detergent in place of laundry detergent to wash your clothes. It said to use only one teaspoon of dish detergent,any kind and wash on cold water. I am not sure I could even measure out so detergent into my washer. Anyways she tried it did work and she used what she had on hand ,say palmolive,nothing fancy. The laundry she normally does a spot removal or pre-soaking  for before washing she still did that. So now you know the possibilities are  endless in many ways to expand you traditional uses for the one use product. How cool is that? I hope this is of interest to you , the article did say not to use this with a front loading machine. I might try it anyways how much soap could one teaspoon cause? We shall see huh? Thoughts on this?? let me know Karen SUNP0203

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Any thoughts?