The Natural Tight Wad

Here we are in the kitchen your hosts of Carensnotebook


Hi this is Karen . I have lived here in Wisconsin for my whole life, Marty well he’s here now but is originally from Indiana.  We both work from home Marty doing Active Isolated stretching  (see this site )  a stretch therapy not at all like your gym class stretches . He also works with people as a plant based coach for nutrition.  I do massage therapy , life coaching, Reiki, and plant based nutritional work.

Since our marriage in 2008 we have increased our efforts to eat local, organic ,and seasonally.  We also eat vegan and gluten free. ( a necessity  for Marty ) I choose to keep our home gluten free to not have any cross contamination.   In the summer we preserve food in our three freezers, with local seasonal food for the winter. We also can, pickle and store in the root cellar. Our laundry room is cold, so we use the floor of that space to keep root crops till spring.

With all of this going on we still find time to bike,hike , snow shoe and get to the gym for strength as often as possible. We feel that by eating as close the ground as possible. saving energy  and by eating locally we are doing our part to be healthy, save our great mother earth, the animals and make this a world where all of us will  be nourished. We had the idea to do this page to share about us our ups and downs with this month long challenge and maybe someday to be my book of food a journey  and who knows the lists are endless . I so appreciate that you might read and enjoy have a laugh or  two or simply learn something new about me or perhaps yourself.  May this be a benefit to all of us especially our world. Karen and Marty